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Calories Intake

How many calories should you consume to Lose Weight?

The calorie calculator permits you to determine how many calories are required for your body in a day to reduce a specific sum of weight by a convinced date. Weight loss calculator will provide you a calories chart needed on a daily basis to arrive at your target weight. Also make sure you read our guide on how many calories to eat per day to lose weight. It's essential.


  1. To use this calculator you should enter your every day energy spending. Weight loss calculator is useful to find the value.
  2. You can set the “Daily intake” ring at your defined value that you plan to goal in your diet.
  3. If the estimate says that your weight reduces “Extreme” or “High”, then you need to re-evaluate your plan.

Update: we have now added a weight loss calculator which can be found here: weight loss calculator.

Reducing Calories: Weight loss can be achieved by reducing the higher calories intake according to the weight loss calculator. The greatest means to cut calorie ingestion is to unite exercise and diet. Two significant factors are there in dropping calories during the diet.

  1. Change your diet: little modification in your diet can make a big difference. Observe your existing diet plan and make a slight modification towards filling and healthy foods. Meals that are filling and healthy will keep you fuller for a long time, and in that way you can reduce the amount to calories that you are taking.

  2. Reduce your piece sizes: the portion of your food should be small. For this, you should serve food on the smaller plate. In case, there is an extra meal on your plate than required, you should put the same on another plate. Eat gradually. You body will take the time to recognize that you tummy is full. If you eat rapidly, probably you will consume excessively, and finish up consuming more calories than required. Hence, you should not eat if you are not feeling hungry and eat food that can keep you full for long time.